Aegis Financial is a private real estate investment and management company. We offer a unique, patent pending investment product that combines high yields with 100% liquidity, allowing investors quick and easy access to their funds. Bonded and secured by a portfolio of residential and commercial properties, our product allows accredited investors to enjoy many of the benefits of real estate investing without the liability and expense. We provide premium fixed returns of 3% to 5% combined with online account management and the ability to access your money anytime you wish.

Aegis Financial has over 20 years of experience in real estate acquisitions and management. Based in Ruston, LA, our holdings include single family, multi-family, and commercial properties located across Louisiana and Texas. With a hands-on approach of careful due diligence and innovative asset management, we invest in established markets with high quality properties providing superior and consistent returns. This proven investment strategy affords us the ability to provide our investors with premium returns of their own.

What makes Aegis Financial unique:

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