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Aegis Financial is a private real estate investment and management company.
We offer a unique, patent pending investment product that provides high returns along with quick and easy access to your cash.


Investing with Aegis is easy. Create an account online by completing a form with basic information about yourself. Once your imformation is submitted, an Aegis representative will contact you to confirm your identity and activate your account, at which time you can begin investing.

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Yields are fixed, like those of a traditional savings account or CD, and are based on total account balance. However, our rates range from 3% for account balances of $20,000 to 5% for account balances of $250,000 or greater.

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Earnings are paid monthly. Elect to have earnings automatically reinvested back into your account, or receive monthly passive income via disbursements by check or ACH.

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While investment products such as CD's and treasury bills require minimum investment periods, Aegis functions like a savings account. Your cash is available anytime. Deposit or withdraw funds as you like with simple, online account management.

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Aegis investments are secured by a portfolio of cash producing real estate. Investors receive a liquidation preference in the portfolio upon their initial investment. Our product is bonded against theft and safeguarded against calamity through a life insurance policy for the owners of the company.

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Account statements with previous month's earnings and activity are distributed monthly by mail or email. Statements are also conveniently located online and available anytime to review, download, or print.

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Temporary place to park cash while awaiting other investment opportunities.

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Long-term passive income with a fixed high-yield rate of return.

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Alternate to savings account or CD with much higher yield.

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For businesses, a place to keep operating capital working for you.

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